Apply These 9 Secret Techniques to Improve TikTok Clone App Development Online


Apply These 9 Secret Techniques to Improve TikTok Clone App Development Online

May 15, 2021 | By SYNARION IT

Apply These 9 Secret Techniques to Improve TikTok Clone App Development Online

What is Tiktok?

TikTok is an application for short video lovers that lets its users connect through various music videos made by them and the other users. TikTok has been banned in India, however, it is still talked about in the market and people wish to have an application back in the market which is as good as TikTok. It knows its marketing method and also knows the exact way to keep its audiences hooked to it. TikTok is a very addictive application that keeps the users entertained as long as they want to stay on their mobile. The user just keeps scrolling their phone and with every new video, they come across someone new or something unique with the same track of music. It also provides a variety of effects and filters to make the video more attractive and appealing.

Various trends keep updating on the application by its most famous users. This is another reason why TikTok users do not get bored of using TikTok. Developing a clone app for TikTok can be a huge investment to make, however, if only one remembers to inscribe all the required features that are to be included and manages to meet all the needs of its users, the developer can earn in about millions using the app. Before developing and investing in bulks, the developer must first research well enough to develop the app. He must lookup for user suggestions and put up polls to decide what to put in his app and whatnot, if the app works fine and is liked by the user, the developer can run out profit returns easily through his app for his entire lifetime

9 Secret Techniques To Improve TikTok Clone App Development Online

Various techniques can be used to improve a TikTok clone development app. It can be made better by giving it better software that is much more accessible and user friendly than TikTok or it can also be done by including certain features that every TikTok user wishes TikTok had. Some features that can be added in a TikTok clone app development to improve it and increase the number of users it has are :

  1. It can use software that allows clicking images of HD quality and at a hasty speed and also enables capturing of the video without any delay. TikTok had a problem of miss syncing the appropriately lip-synced videos. If this feature is enhanced in the clone TikTok app development process, it will help in gaining more users.
  2. Allow the sharing of videos on other social media platforms easily. It can generate a button tapping on which the user can easily share their videos with everyone on all their social media platforms without downloading it. This will attract more users because TikTok does not let the users share their videos without downloading them.
  3. It can include advanced and effective filters and effects for capturing videos and pictures. With the variety of filters and effects that TikTok had, it is very difficult to meet up to that level, however, newer and more unique filters are a good way of attracting more users to the TikTok clone app.
  4. Including music options of all traditions and every place is also a good marketing strategy to gain more users. Having music of every segment and every trending dialog, the users will have the option to vastly use their ideas on anything and everything and this will make the application more versatile. It should include the newest and the oldest songs from every language possible.
  5. Having the option to save and bookmark the audio tracks that the users prefer the most is a very good way of enhancing the app. Users prefer to have easy access to the track of their choice without having to go through thousands of other tracks before they find the one they were looking for.
  6. Generating a live option is also a wonderful way to attract users. The reach of a user increases when they creatively hold up live sessions communicating with the other viewers, putting up a go-live option will enable users to reach out to more people inclining them more onwards the app. It is also helpful if they have the option to broadcast through the app from any corner of the world. This is another feature that every user wishes to have in TikTok.
  7. The app developer should also keep in mind that every user likes a certain form of setup in their apps. Enabling a personalized setting panel for every user using which the user can change the interface as per their requirement is a very good way of increasing the number of users of the application. It includes options like who the user prefers to share their content with, how far can the reach go, and whether they wish to keep their account public or private.
  8. Another way of gaining mass support is by straight away reporting abuse caused against anyone’s sentiment in any content. It will also help if the developer sues software that detects abuse and harassment before the video is uploaded. Once any kind of abuse or harassment is detected, the software must prevent them from uploading the video or delete it if the content has already been uploaded.
  9. There should be various categories into which a user can segregate their video or even watch videos according to the segregation. If the developer uses software that allows the users to differentiate according to the types of content they share by choosing what type of content they are sharing, it is likely to increase the number of users for their app.


Developing a TikTok clone app can cost thousands of $ to the developer. It is a good investment if they use the proper techniques to develop the app. An app like TikTok can become famous in no time if it meets up to the requirements of the users.

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