Get 10000+ Organic App Installs Through Our Powerful ASO Strategies


Get 10000+ Organic App Installs Through Our Powerful ASO Strategies

August 16, 2022 | By SYNARION IT

You have an app, and its a handy app. Everyone will love an app, and everything is going on the right path. Let us give you information; there are more than five million apps (5,400,000) in the apple apps store and google play store.

If you make a proper strategy and give reasonable efforts to optimise your App, then your App will go unnoticed.

Now imagine your competitor who has a similar kind of App gets popular and snatches your target audience; it will not look good.

What is ASO?

ASO(app store optimization) is optimising mobile apps and increasing the visibility and the rank of the apps in front of the user.

Why is ASO needed?

ASO is needed as it helps in increasing the optimization of the App and helps in increasing the number of downloads; apps will be more visible if they are ranked at the top. This increases the chance that the user is going to open and see the app in detail.

Here are a few app store optimization strategies(ASO)

ASO Strategies

1. Doing proper market research and using proper keywords-For acquiring a high number of downloads and making the App visible when people type in the search area of the apple store or google play store is by using the proper keyword that is related to your App.

This can be done using long chain keywords like “Food delivery apps in India” or “cartoon apps for kids.”

People who don’t know the App’s name will search in this manner to get the types of apps they need, and this will highlight your App in front of their eyes.

2. Create an attractive icon – When a user opens the google play store or apple app store, after typing the desired word/words in the search box, the first thing that will be visible to them will be the App icon. Keeping the icon not too flashy and keeping it simple might help. The main work here is to make it eye-catching.

3. Increase social media outreach– This will be one of the most useful and applied strategies as in today’s generation, social media plays a massive importance in people’s life. They help us connect with each other, share happy and sad moments in the form of emojis and GIFS, and upload various pictures to gain popularity.

The App you build must match the personality of the social media website.

Example- If your App consists of something like cool object widgets or wallpapers, then go for a trending social media website like Instagram or Snapchat.

But go for other social media websites if your App consists of something for professional people.

These are the names of a few trending websites and social media promotion platforms.

  1. Facebook
  2. Airship
  3. Aso world
  4. Instagram
  5. Pinterest
  6. LinkedIn
  7. FourSquare

Social Media Promotion Platforms

Do Not post any information or promotion regarding the App you made; try creating a conversation to engage your viewers and increase the number of downloads.

Reply to the comments that the viewers or future customers make in the comment section, being the voice of the App. This will attract people and build trust in them before using the App. The above-mentioned were also a few best aso companies in India.

4. Get better reviews– Most users or people willing to download an application will always check the user app ra tings; negative ratings may affect your downloads.

The apps that have received excellent reviews are considered bug free and provide a good user experience.

The five-star reviews an app gets make it more attractive and user-friendly. A study found that eighty (80%) percent of the users check the reviews before using any app.

Nowadays, youtube video makers or youtube promote various apps that help the apps grow. They also mention those apps in their description or comment section. People following these YouTubers can have a look at the App at any time, and the YouTuber will also explain the benefits of using the App and if any special discount is going on or not.

It is effortless to get tempted to buy fake reviews to increase the amount of attention, but this will be disastrous as your App may get suspended entirely.

A different way that can be used in place of buying fake reviews is offering incentives to people who review your App, like giving them some discount coupons, some points, or some prizes. This has a great chance of success and will help in increasing your number of positive reviews.

5. Description of the App– The App’s name must be chosen precisely, and the app developers should use an easy-to-pronounce and attractive title. In this manner, the user can share with others that this ” the app name” is in my phone or mobile, and I use this.

The App description in the apple store or google play store must be short but descriptive. Most people don’t like reading much, so a brief explanation must help with the condition.

Some of the helpful tips are mentioned below:

1. While designing, keep your app name, keep it short, easy to pronounce or spell, and memorable.

2. Avoid using app names which have already been used. This can cause a huge problem, and you may have to see the face of a lawyer.

3. Give your best in selecting an app name that fits the best according to the app personality; otherwise, the users will keep scrolling, and your App will be missed.

4. App stores will provide you with a limit of two hundred twenty-five (225 ) words; try only using twenty-five (25)

of them. That will be enough and be shown in the content area, so choose your words wisely.

The description you will be using should be strategic about ASO. Most importantly, it would be best if you were strategic about your work; the correct feature, benefits, and social proof can significantly affect the download requirements of your App.

6. mobile app marketing services – If you want to get a hike in your downloads, it is recommended that you spend money on marketing. A good marketing strategy can help maximise the download in a few days.

Maintain a separate budget for advertising and spend it effectively. Spread it with some popular marketing areas like

  1. Social media channels
  2. websites like Digg and Reddit
  3. Sms marketing
  4. Email marketing
  5. Blog marketing
  6. Magazine marketing
  7. Content marketing and many more.

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Also, create a website or your App; this will help the user use the website and get in touch with the app developers directly in case they find some bugs or issues in the App they find disturbing.

7. Using attractive or eye-catching photos or videos– The App must be eye appealing and should contain stunning images or videos in the app description. Use proper screenshots of your in your App’s report, and this will help the user to identify the places while using the App and find similarities between the screenshots and the main App.

8. Localise and go global- the localization of any app is an absolute necessity; there are more than forty-two billion mobile users, and finding new audiences will help increase your business.

A well-localized app will lower the entry barrier and create a good amount of trust among the users. It is seen that users who use the apps in their native language or local language have a more user-friendly experience and give more positive reviews. This also increases the demand for the App among the local users.

Poor localization of the App can be harmful and can create a negative impact on the users and thus on the reviews.

9. Always monitor your performance– Every strategy needs proper execution and maintenance; the maintenance must be appropriate for that extra growth every business person craves for. Tracking the commission helps to find specific places that need to be fixed and where the users do not have a comfortable experience.

There are a variety of ASO tools available for this task, and these tools help in integrating external data sources from the developer’s console and. Also, these help in identifying the relationship between the rating of the App and the number of installs, helping you uplift your App.

Proper analysis of the App is needed to keep on checking the user demands and how they can be delivered through the App. An appropriate analysis of the App from the download to delete ( from the user) must be checked, and the points that trigger the user to delete the App must be worked upon.

10. Use innovative promotion techniques- If the user needs to buy the App before using it or the App is available for Pay to download, then a sudden drop in price can attract the users or a discount for a certain period will help attract users attention.

In a study, it is found that the price drop down helps in increasing the number of downloads by four hundred (400%) percent. People mostly get attracted to discounts, and companies use this strategy to attract more and more customers. A well-planned discount timing can be beneficial for a pay-to-download App.

The conclusion

 If you have an ASO strategy, this will be an essential factor for your app’s success or any mobile game. You can build a fantastic app, but you can never reach the target audience without the proper positioning.

Building an app is much of a responsibility and needs to be taken care of and updated from time to time according to the user’s needs. Increasing the number of app downloads may not be easy, but with hard work and dedicated time, it can be achieved.

Using the tips mentioned earlier and tricks, you will see an increase in the downloads of your App, and your app store ranking will also increase.

You always need to keep in the target audience and need to update and fix bugs in your App in that manner. The things the genre people like, your target audience may not like those things.

And a final tip: google play store and iTunes app store sometimes change things they consider the essential App to feature, so always try to stick to the top rank. Always look at what the current users demand of the App.

The better ASO strategy you will have, the better impact you will have on your App, and the performance will be visible soon in front of your eyes.

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