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Gambling is a world that knows no bounds and this is why it has become so popular in the recent times. With the online network coming into play, there have been so many new doors that have been opened for the players. The technological advancements have also contributed to the growth of online gambling business with new apps and websites coming into fray. Especially for the bettors, things have become convenient as you can have all the updates on the go.

Synarion IT Solutions have come up as a leading service provider when you talk about the sports betting. We can provide with both web and app based solutions for online gambling. We make sure that the -controls are easy, secure and channeled to make things easier for the players. User-friendliness is on top of our priority lists which are why we are so popular in the market these days.

Our focus and internet is always on the simplification and making things smoother for the people. We have the experts in our ranks which is why we are the leading Belfair API provider. Here are some of the features of our apps that make us the leading service provider in this sector.

Smooth way to create profile and bio: One of the Stan-out feature of our app is how the user-profile is created on the app. We provide easy and customized profile creation facility that makes it easy for any non-tech savvy person. We also make sure that the profile is safe, secure and there is no any chance of data stealing and hacking. We are quite peculiar about the personal data of the users and make sure that it is safe. At the same time, we are also very careful about the way you get to view your data and thus make us a top choice for everyone.

Scheduling calendar and day: This is another very important aspect of our app that one needs to be aware about. With our calendar update, the users can always be updated about the match schedule. They can always know which events are coming up in the recent times and place their bet with ease. There are notifications that always peep through the app and website if you allow the pop-ups in the settings. Thus, things become very suited for the players making things as they want them to be.

Option of multiple betting: The players these days have become quite smarter and they are not generally satisfied with a single bet these days. So, in our apps, we provide an option to put multiple betting’s on the match as per the circumstances. It makes things easier for the players that are looking to gamble more and win heavy price money on a single match. This feature is extensively liked by the regular players and this is why there have been demands for the same from the client end. It has made our apps highly rated in the market and has helped us with market reach as well.

High end security: This is probably the most important aspect as any player would want to make sure that his money is secure before gambling on the app. This is why we provide multi-layer security for every app based and web based platform that we provide. We make use of the succinct and secured layers in our apps so that the hackers are not able to find a way in to the apps.

Social sharing option: One of the trends these days is sharing everything on the social media. This is why we provide instant sharing option on the social media platform. The users can instantly get to share their bets, wins and predictions on the social media. This is one feature the clients are quite demanding because of the trends in the market.

Live score tracking: Another very important feature that we integrate into our apps is live score tracking option through the notifications tab. Every important update during the match is available through both the app based and web based platforms. So, the players can get to decide when to change their bets or when to place the bet based on the circumstances.

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